Weekly round up: w/c 15 March 2021

Last week was a good one with a fair amount of interesting reading:

  • Let there be light! Why sunny spring days make us happier and healthier – March has been an month where I’ve been extremely unmotivated to exercise, so this article was interesting to read.
  • Covid: Slow walkers ‘more likely to die’, study finds – more exercise-related news, this time from the BBC. Might be completely unrelated but it reminds me of a conversation I overheard more than a decade ago, where a co-worker complained that she walks a lot but doesn’t lose any weight. I once passed her outside our workplace and she was practically walking at a snail’s pace!
  • Singapore among 10 most desirable countries to work in – interesting news on the home front, though there was no buzz that I could see on Twitter about this. Even more surprising than the headline was the revelation that China and Taiwan are the 2nd and 3rd most desirable countries to work in amongst the Singaporeans surveyed (after Australia – which is no surprise).
  • Why Your Organization Needs a Data Visualization Style Guide – from a professional standpoint, I found this article rather insightful and provides food for thought on what else can benefit from a style guide. I’m already a big fan of organisational templates for documents but am unfamiliar with those that extend to graphs and visuals.
  • The ancient fabric that no one knows how to make – and for some cultural tidbits, learn more about Dhaka muslin which you’ve probably heard about without realising, if you’re a reader of historical romance.

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